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When to Get Braces or Invisalign

December 10, 2019

Braces or Invisalign® help individuals achieve a gorgeous smile. With Invisalign becoming such a popular option for tooth correction, adults who never had their misalignments addressed may improve their smile inconspicuously. However, for children, you may wonder what the appropriate age is to get braces. At Cinco Rancho Smiles & Braces serving Katy, TX and the surrounding area, we determine customized plans for braces or Invisalign for each one of our patients based on their individual needs.

Age to Get Invisalign or Braces

Although braces may be beneficial at any age, our orthodontist usually advises children to start correcting gaps, spacing issues, and crookedness between the ages of ten to 14. This is right around the time that your son or daughter has all his or her teeth. Generally, the first set of molars appear between nine to 11 years old. At this point, your child has all of the teeth he or she will have until his or her wisdom teeth come in. Once your child has a full set of teeth, they're more stable and less likely to shift position.

Does Age Play a Role in How Long You Have Braces?

Age doesn't affect how long a person needs to wear braces, whether they're a child or an adult. Generally, patients who have braces have them for 18 to 30 months. The main factor that impacts the duration a patient has to wear braces is the severity of the misalignment. So if you are an adult, don't let your age discourage you from getting braces if your teeth need straightening.

Identifying Who Needs Braces or Invisalign

Around the age of nine, even if your child hasn't lost all of his or her baby teeth, our orthodontist will recommend that your child receive an X-ray to assess the potential need for braces. This diagnostic procedure allows our practitioner to capture a view of your child's teeth underneath the gum line which will help determine the issues that could arise. Then we can consult with you and plan an appropriate course of action. Schedule an appointment today to discuss Invisalign or braces. We'll get you started on that picture-perfect smile.

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