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How to Reduce Your Risk for Cavities

March 17, 2020

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Cavities, like many common dental issues, are generally preventable. However, researchers estimate that around 90% of American adults have cavities in their teeth, while under half of American children have cavities. At Cinco Ranch Smiles & Braces, we want that number to be smaller. Today, we’re sharing three tips that can reduce your risk for cavities and create a healthy, strong smile.

Brush the Right Way

How confident are you that you’re brushing your teeth correctly? For starters, you should be brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time. However, your technique is important too. Brush gently at a 45 degree angle. Brushing gently provides a more thorough clean that can wash away residue that could lead to cavities. On the other hand, brushing vigorously can damage your tooth enamel and make you more susceptible to cavities.

Don’t Forget About Floss!

If you brush without flossing, you’re not cleaning 40% of your tooth’s surface! Flossing helps clean those hard-to-reach areas where bacteria love to hide. You should floss once each day, either before or after you brush. Our team is always happy to provide a refresher on proper flossing technique!

Take Steps Toward a Healthy Diet

Like poor oral hygiene, an unhealthy diet increases your risk for developing cavities. Take back control by limiting your intake of sugary, starchy foods. The bacteria in your mouth love to feed on sugars and starches, which they break down into acid. As acid builds up, it begins to wear away your tooth enamel, leading to cavities and tooth decay. As a first step, try substituting a sugary snack with nuts, leafy greens, or other options that are both tasty and tooth-friendly.

Preventive Care at Cinco Ranch Smiles & Braces

The common culprits behind cavities are unhealthy diets and poor oral hygiene. If you can make healthier choices about the food you eat and the way you care for your teeth, you can protect your pearly whites for years to come. Thorough cleanings by a professional dental hygienist every six months will also prevent the formation of cavities. To learn more about caring for your teeth or to schedule your next appointment, call our Katy office today!

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