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Halloween Treats That Are Good for Your Teeth

October 26, 2018

With Halloween around the corner, you’ll be expecting trick-or-treaters at your doorstep soon. While ghosts and gravestones are spooky, the real nightmare this season could be tooth decay. Sugary treats leave kids at risk for cavities and other dental problems that can last a lifetime. But don’t fear--there are alternatives to candy that won’t just help avoid cavities, but can help prevent them! Instead of a cauldron full of candy, consider handing out these healthy treats that’ll benefit the teeth.

halloween trick or treaters looking for dental friendly treats

Dark Chocolate

What’s Halloween without candy? Most candies are sugary and sticky, and are best avoided. Dark Chocolate, however, may actually be good for your teeth, containing ingredients that help wipe out bacteria and prevent cavities. Just make sure the bar you choose contains around 70 percent cocoa or higher. Milk Chocolate won’t do!


There’s no way to stop your neighbors from giving out sugary treats. The truth is, many kids will be munching on candy as they make their way around the block. Help them out with a snack pack of carrots. This crunchy veggie works with the saliva to help clean teeth. And with their orange hue, you can consider them a festive choice!


Crunchy like carrots, apples also help clean, giving your teeth a bit of a scrub while you chew. And, of course, apples are sweet--a nice alternative to candy!

Sugar Free Gum

Chewing gum is another sweet alternative to candy. As long as it’s sugar free, gum can actually help keep your mouth clean by encouraging the production of saliva, which fights germs and wards off decay.

Candy Alternatives

Aside from food, there are options that keep kids entertained, and keep their teeth out of the picture. Glow sticks, spider rings, stickers, and temporary tattoos, are all fun options that’ll keep parents from having to worry, and add a little variety to their stash at the end of the night!

What should you do if your kid comes home with a pillowcase full of candy? There’s no shame in letting your child indulge in a fun-size or two after dinner, but be vigilant about tooth care with an immediate brush and floss after the fact. And a visit to our office for a cleaning can help maintain their pearly whites!

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