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Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

May 29, 2019

Dental pain is often considered one of the worst for humans to endure. Anyone who has ever had an infected or abscessed tooth understands firsthand severe toothaches that can keep you awake at night. In such a situation, the tooth may need a root canal treatment to relieve the pain.

Often, people are led to believe that root canal treatment is very painful, but that is not the case. Many people are already in pain before root canal therapy from dental trauma, a cavity, or a cracked tooth that is infecting and irritating the nerves inside of your tooth. Root canal treatment actually helps eliminate the infection and affected nerves within your tooth thereby eliminating pain.

illustration of what root canal infection looks like

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

The inner chamber of the tooth houses the blood vessels and nerves. When this chamber, containing the blood vessels and nerves, becomes infected or traumatized, it can cause discomfort. The root canal treatment process involves making a small hole in the top of your tooth to access the inner chamber to remove the damaged tissue. Once the infection is cleaned out, your tooth will be sealed with a tooth-colored filling and the tooth will be given time to heal. Antibiotics may also be recommended to fight the infection.

When your tooth has healed, you'll return to your dentist to have it rebuilt with a dental crown. This ensures the strength and longevity of your tooth and allows it to function as it did before.

How to Avoid the Need for Root Canal Therapy

A dental infection can often be avoided with a diligent at-home care routine and consistent visits to your dentist every six months. When decay is detected in your tooth early on, a dental filling is often enough to restore your tooth and eliminate the decay before infection spreads.

If you have a severe toothache, it's important that you don't ignore it and contact us right away. Our dentists at Cinco Ranch Smiles & Braces offer gentle root canal therapy. We can determine if your aching tooth is a candidate for root canal treatment with an exam and X-rays. Please contact our office to schedule your consultation!

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