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Fun Dental-Related Stocking Stuffer Ideas

December 13, 2018

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Looking for some fun holiday stocking stuffers? You may not think that dental related gifts would be fun, but think again! Here are some of our favorite dental stocking stuffer ideas.

Frozen Denture Ice Cube Trays

These can be found at any big box store like Target or Walmart, or even retailers like Urban Outfitters, and online. Frozen denture ice cube trays are a funny, whimsical gift that might be perfect for someone who maybe just hit a big birthday or could be a great gift that will give young kids a big laugh.

Clacky Teeth for Their Desk

You’ve probably seen them in movies or on TV, but those clattering, clacky toy teeth are a perfect stocking stuffer that you can take to the office or that your kids can play around with. They come in that classic red color or there are even some that are shaped like animals or your favorite cartoon characters.

Toothbrush Cover

Want to make traveling with your toothbrush more fun? There are a number of toothbrush head covers that spice up your travel game. You can find them in your loved one’s favorite color or buy them something even more exciting like a unicorn, owl, smiley faces, or even their favorite transformer.

Cartoon Character Toothbrush

Whether your kids love princesses or cars, Spongebob or Dora, there are countless toothbrushes that star their favorite characters. Pick their favorite and see if you can find the matching toothpaste for an extra surprise.

Novelty Toothpaste

If you can think of a flavor, chances are there is a toothpaste flavored with it. From lavender to pickle, chocolate to peach, get your loved one a fun toothpaste flavor. There are even toothpastes that combine a bunch of flavors to evoke tropical islands or cupcake flavor.

Sugarless Gum

A classic stocking stuffer, gum is a fun and useful little present that is actually good for your teeth if it's sugar-free. Sugar-free gum acts as a natural toothbrush because as you chew, the gum rinses off your teeth and removes any food particles that are stuck to your teeth. The act of chewing the sugarless gum also increases your salivary flow, which neutralizes enamel-wearing acids in your mouth and remineralizes your mouth with calcium and phosphate, which work to strengthen your enamel. Xylitol is a common sweetener used in sugarless gum and chewing gum with it can reduce your risk of cavities because xylitol decreases the growth of decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. Buy sugarless gum in the classic mint flavor or maybe even something exotic like tropical fruit.

If you'd like more recommendations for dental-related gifts, contact us today!

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