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Are Weak Teeth Genetic?

March 27, 2019

If you’re prone to cavities or other dental health problems, you may be wondering if your parents are to blame. It turns out DNA does play a role in the health of our teeth, but this doesn’t mean it’s beyond our control.

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Weak Teeth & Your Genes

Although you can’t blame your parents for everything, it turns out that some of your dental problems can be due to what’s in your DNA. Certain dental afflictions get handed down from generation to generation. Gum disease is one example. As much as 30 percent of the population may have inherited gum disease. This means that gums are easily inflamed and bone or tooth loss can occur. It’s also a genetic trait to have malocclusions or misaligned teeth. This doesn’t mean tooth weakness, per se, but the crowding of teeth can lead to problems with plaque buildup and enamel erosion. The last inherited cause of weak teeth is due to a gene variation called beta-defensin 1 (DEFB1), which causes some to be prone to cavities in permanent teeth.

How to Keep Teeth Strong

Even if you come from a family who has their dentist on speed dial, there’s no reason you have to suffer from weak teeth. Daily habits like good oral hygiene can remineralize the teeth to keep them strong and healthy. The value of daily tooth brushing and flossing can’t be overstated. It’s also of the utmost importance if you’re a cavity-prone person, to maintain a healthy diet and keep sugar consumption to a minimum. If you know you’re prone to dental problems and have children, it’s important to pass good habits on to them, and to let us know. We can help keep your whole family’s dental health on track.

When it comes to genes and your health, it’s important not to resign to having certain problems just because they run in your family. Fight back with a dedication to a healthy lifestyle and good habits. You might be able to prevent problems for yourself with diligence. Contact us today if it’s time to schedule an appointment!

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