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Halloween Treats to Avoid

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Halloween is the big holiday in October and a lot of candy will be consumed. All sugar is bad for your teeth and gums, but there are certain candies that are especially harmful. Here are five Halloween treats to avoid this year:

  1. Gummies
  2. Chewy candies (like gummy bears, gummy worms, fruit snacks, etc.) literally stick to your teeth and are difficult to remove. The longer that candy sticks, the more time bacteria has to get to work eating the sugar and promoting decay. If you have braces, that stickiness is even more of a problem because cleaning gummies out of braces is a difficult job.

  3. Taffy & Soft Caramels
  4. Taffies and soft caramels are just as sticky as gummies, often more so, so they are definitely a treat to avoid. Candy such as Starbust and chewy caramels act like glue in your mouth. Even if you brush right after, you can easily miss little pieces stuck between your teeth and in hard-to-reach places.

  5. Hard Candy
  6. Think you are safe with hard candies since they aren’t sticky? Think again. They can be just as harmful to your dental health. Why? Hard candies like lollipops stay in your mouth a long time. You’re supposed to suck on them as they get smaller and smaller. The sugar mixes with your saliva, filling your mouth, and washing over all your teeth and gums. Exposing your mouth to so much sugar for so long is not a good idea. Another problem with hard candies is they put you at risk for breaking a tooth if you chomp down on them.

  7. Filled Chocolate Bars
  8. Chocolate is actually the “best” choice when it comes to Halloween treats. The filled chocolate bars are the ones that can be problematic. That’s because they’re usually filled with something like caramel or nougat, which stick to your teeth.

  9. Sour Candy
  10. Sour candies come in both sticky and hard varieties, but the sourness makes them even worse than regular flavors. Why? Because in addition to tons of sugar, sour candies contain a lot of acid. That acid wears down your enamel, which leads to sensitivity and decay.

Preventive Dental Care in Katy, TX

Avoiding these five Halloween treats can help you keep your teeth in the best health possible. That doesn’t mean you can never eat candy. Indulge in sweets in moderation and maintain consistent good dental habits. Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day for two minutes each time and floss at least once a day. Additionally, come visit Dr. Menezes or Dr. Fernandes every six months here at Cinco Ranch Smiles & Braces for exams and cleanings! Contact us to schedule your next appointment.

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